Ashley: Talented Stylist

"Ashley is a tremendously talented stylist. she always works at a perfect pace to give me a consistent cut, and it keeps me coming back everytime."  - Jon Bontje

Good Things to Say About Ashley 

"I have been going to Ashley Willert at the WorX for just over two years now. The service is always great and friendly. Every time I get my hair cut and colored I always get exactly what I ask for and have never been dissatisfied. My boyfriend goes to her as well and gets custom patterns colored in his hair and they always turn out really awesome!"

"I have nothing but good things to say about Ashley. I would highly recommend her at the WorX to any of my friends that aren't already going to her! "  - Kelsea Bergan

You Won't Be Disappointed

" I've been getting my hair done by Toni at The WorX Salon for the past seven years. Toni is fun, creative, trendy... she definitely is an example of everything the WorX represents. The salon is fashion-forward and exudes a relaxed, hip atmosphere - I highly recommend booking your next hair appointment at The WorX! You won't be disappointed. " - Cheryle Battrum

Personalized Service 

"For approximately eighteen years, I have been following Debi to have my hair done. I find her to be a dedicated stylist who takes pride in her work. Best of all, Debi works quickly, efficiently and always with a smile!"

"Debi and her staff offer each client personalized service in a friendly, upbeat surrounding. For excellent service, look no further that The WorX!" - Eileen Cole

Beautiful Hair 

" People often tell me how beautiful my hair is. I have a not so well kept secret, I get it done at The WorX, an innovative forward thinking salon! Debi has been doing my hair since she came to Red Deer and I have jokingly (or not) warned her that she is not allowed to retire 'til I die! However, I have other stylists at the salon do my hair for occasions when Debi has been unavailable and it has still been a great experience. "

" However, the actual hairstyle is only part of the reason I frequent The WorX. It is also an entertaining, fun salon where I have received some great advice for products and life. As a proud supporter of my community, I am delighted to support local businesses that are also community sponsors and I have found The WorX to be very community-responsible. I have always been well rewarded by the excitement of the friends I have referred to The WorX and am thrilled to invite others to get the 'Worx'. " - Robin Armitage

Always Satisfied 

" What can you say after 10 years at The WorX and 20 at her previous salons! I've had the service of cuts, highlights, colors and perms. And I can say I've never had a bad style. Debi has a good eye for knowing what look will look good. My husband has also been a customer for over 20 years. The WorX has a professional atmosphere and service is provided in a clean, modern independent shop. Service is on time and I always leave the salon satisfied. The WorX "worx" for me. "  - Dianne Wyntjes

A Note of Appreciation

" A note of appreciation for Kari on how she has been cutting both my daughters' hair. She does a great job of thinning and cutting to their wants, being very particular in their teenage years. With that she has a great conversation with them as well, and very confident in her skills. Thanks Kari!! "  - Karen Chomyn

The Extra Distance 

" For all those looking for that new look, I strongly recommend the WorX. The staff are amazing at what they do and always seem to be up on the latest trends. I personally recommend Derek. He goes the extra distance for those he cares about. I have never left there feeling anything but great. Their personal touch makes everything better at the end of the day. "  - Mel Ebbert


" I have recommended Shayna to friends and co-workers, as she not only is a pleasure to be around due to her bubbly personality. She does wonders with eyebrows! Shayna is an artist when it comes to applying make-up! " - Robin Morgan

Karlee's Talent 

" My experience with Karlee has been terrific! I am absolutely thrilled with my hair each and every time; I never have to worry if I am going to be satisfied. Karlee is a very talented young lady. I am so thankful that I found her!  " - Barb Flater

So Happy With Karlee 

" I am so happy to have found Karlee! Every time I leave her chair, I am delighted with the results. I always get tons of compliments because the colours are so beautiful and the style is so trendy! " - Laurina Sharpe

Momma is Proud 

" Kari has been doing my hair for the last four years, as she has gone through hairdressing school and in her Apprenticeship Program-I'm very pleased as she's grown to be a fabulous professional hairstylist and continues to do great colour and styles with my hair.  "  - Linda Kolbeck

Skin Care 

" Shayn helped me clear up my skin with her skincare line suggestions and helpful tips; my skin looks much clearer and healthy! "  - Susah Conrod

Friendly and Experienced 

" I have been a client of the WorX for four years, after being recommended there by a friend. During that time I have found the ladies very friendly and experienced! I have and would recommend the WorX to everyone and anyone! "  - Fred Taylor